1st Symphony Concert
Conductor: Gábor Hontvári
Dramaturgy: Beate Kröhnert
Gunther Rost (Organ)
Strawinsky Symphonies d’instruments à vent
Poulenc Konzert für Orgel, Streicher und Pauke in g-Moll
Debussy La mer

Painters such as Claude Monet and Paul Gauguin immortalized works of fascinating colorfulness on canvas. Claude Debussy created a comparably differentiated nuance in his scores. In “La mer”, the musical equivalents of colour value and brushstroke translate this resounding representation of the sea into a "mysterious correspondence between nature and imagination" (Claude Debussy). In an arrangement for small orchestra by Iain Farrington, Debussy's “La mer” forms the intellectual centre of the opening concert into the symphony concert season. Igor Stravinsky's Symphony for Wind Instruments, premiered in 1921 and composed in memory of Claude Debussy, who died in 1918, is also a prime example of playing with timbres.

For the first time since the installation of the large organ in the concert hall of the University of Music Würzburg, the Philharmonic Orchestra presents a work for organ and orchestra. Under the musical direction of Gábor Hontvári, the renowned organist Gunther Rost will perform alongside the orchestra.