Dance by Dominique Dumais
Premiere postponed
Choreography: Dominique Dumais
Musical conduction: Gábor Hontvári
Philharmonisches Orchester Würzburg
The legends about Greek deities are still an integral part of Western cultural self-conception and have left their mark on everyday life: from dictums to Latin lessons and online shops. Yet the philosophers on the threshold of the 20th century already prophesied the "death of myth" - extinguished by its adversary Logos, the reason. But no matter how much science can explain today, the ancient myths persist and haven’t lost their fascination. Not only, are the stories not as dusty as they may initially appear. On the contrary, the Greek gods have deeply human traits and thus carry truths that accompany man through the centuries to the present day.

In "#mythos" Dominique Dumais is inspired by the world of fairy tales and myths to create a full-length piece for the dance company of the Mainfranken Theater. In doing so, she uses well-known archetypes, which appeared in the stories of all times and cultures, to search for traces that they leave behind in the present. Thus, from old myths grow new narratives for the audience of today. The evening will be accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra Würzburg under the musical direction of Gabór Hontvári.