Venues in the 23/24 season

Where and how you can find us
In the 23/24 season, you can attend Mainfranken Theater's performances at various venues in the city. First and foremost at the Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle, where we present the major musical theater and dance productions. The Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra continues to perform at the Hochschule für Musik and the Toscanasaal of the Residenz. The opening of the theater main building planned for December this season will add two new venues: the Kleines Haus and the so called Probebühne - rehearsal stage. The Kleines Haus will serve as the new main stage for drama productions.

Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle

Alfred-Nobel-Straße 33 | 97080 Würzburg
The Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle is located on the premises of va-Q-tec AG in the Würzburg Dürrbachau.
The venue offers space for approximately 500 spectators, including wheelchair spaces. Here, mainly opera and dance performances are presented. 
how to get there
Theaterfabrik Blaue Halle
@ va-Q-tec AG | Alfred-Nobel-Str. 33 | 97080 Würzburg
by bus shuttle service
From bus platform A of the Würzburg bus station, theater visitors are taken to the Theaterfabrik free of charge 60 and 30 minutes before the performance begins (for family concerts only 30 minutes before the performance begins). After the performances, the shuttle service returns to the bus station. The bus shuttle service will first be tested during the performances in October.
by car
It is also easy to reach us by car: from Würzburg and its northern surroundings via the B27, from the west via the B8 and “Hettstadter Steige”. Free parking spaces are available on site.

Parking plan

Hochschule für Musik - concert hall

Hofstallstraße 6-8 | 97070 Würzburg
The series of symphony concerts will take place in the Concert Hall of University of Music at Hofstallstraße. With a current capacity of 200 seats, the existing concert subscription can be continued.

Kleines Haus

Theaterstraße 21 | 97070 Würzburg
The „Kleines Haus", located in the new part of the Mainfranken Theater's main building, will be open in December this season. The new venue for drama and dance productions as well as chamber operas has room for about 330 visitors, four of which are accessible by wheelchair.

Probebühne - Studio

Theaterstraße 21 | 97070 Würzburg
In addition to the Kleines Haus, a rehearsal stage (studio) is set up during renovation in the basement of the new theatre building. It is designed to be a temporary venue to hold smaller drama and dance productions.