Theresia Walser

Ich bin wie ihr, ich liebe Äpfel

Duration: est. 60 minutes, no intermission
in German
Director: Kevin Barz
Costume Design: Dejana Radosavljevic
Dramaturgy: Susanne Bettels
Hannes Berg (Gottfried)
(Ms Imelda)
(Ms Margot)
Anouk Elias (Ms Leila)
Once they were the wives of great dictators, well-known figures in world politics. But those days are over for Margot, Imelda and Leila. Obvious similarities with the ladies Honecker, Marcos or Ben Ali are neither accidental nor unintentional. No one has been waving at them for a long time. Nevertheless they have gathered for a press conference, because their lives are to be filmed. To avoid any misunderstandings between the ladies from East Germany, the Philippines and North Africa, simultaneous interpreter Gottfried is already present in the run-up to the event. He translates conversations about the beauty of French literature, Coca Cola and bulletproof bras. Major themes such as freedom, justice, hope and submission are also casually touched upon. In the spirit of diplomacy, Gottfried corrects every nastiness in conversation, while occasionally secretly adding his own personal opinion. And while the three women gradually present their very own view of world-historical contexts, Gottfried reveals details from his childhood that finally bring the comic potential to fruition.

Theresia Walser is one of the most successful playwrights of her generation, her plays have been awarded several prizes. In "Ich bin wie ihr, ich liebe Äpfel" she uses fictional versions of real characters to illuminate the question of human abysses and their effects on social systems. The result is a psychogram of three eccentric divas, as entertaining as it is frightening, who unwaveringly insist on their world view and reinvent their reality in the age of alternative facts.