August Strindberg

Miss Julie

Duration: est. 75 minutes, no intermission
in German
Director: Hanna Müller
Stage and Costume Design: Verena Salome Bisle
Dramaturgy: Katharina Fröhlich
Johanna Meinhard (Miss Julie)
Alexander Darkow (Jean)
Julia Baukus (Kristin)
Young Miss Julie has everything in her life that her father's employees can only dream of during their daily hard work. She suffers under the pressure of social expectations. And the past of her family also causes her trouble. That is why she likes to have fun with the servants on festive occasions. On a midsummer night, she chooses Jean, who in turn is engaged to Kristin, the kitchen helper. For the pious Kristin it is clear: Miss Julie is behaving inappropriately. Jean sees in Julie's advances a possibility to improve his position with the count, and finally goes for it. As the night progresses, the young noblewoman and the valet come closer and closer. While she tries to live out her longed-for freedom with him, he suddenly sees her as an equal partner in conversation. What begins as a forbidden flirtation develops in just a few hours into a love affair that gets out of control.

In his intimate play, August Strindberg not only addresses the urge of a daughter to free herself from her father's values. The Swedish author also takes a look at the fragile power relations between the characters, which are clearly defined at the beginning of the play and constantly change as the play progresses. He thus describes the battle of the sexes, which from today's perspective seems more topical than ever.