Dance by Dominique Dumais
Duration: est. 1 hour 15 minutes, no intermission
Concept and Choreography: Dominique Dumais
Music: Julia Kent
Stage and Costume Design: Tatyana Van Walsum
Light Concept: Bonnie Beecher
Light (Realization): Mariella von Vequel-Westernach
Coordination: Dörte Kordzumdieke
"NAKED" stands for the uncovering of movement. The subtle perception of the particular characteristics of individual bodies in their entirety and the individual dynamics, the mental and emotional state of the dancers form the basis of the piece. Starting from a keen interest in movement exploration, Dominique Dumais sends the dance company on a journey to find the point where inside and outside merge. Thus "NAKED" is also about the courage to show the unadulterated reality, contrary to the social tendency of wanting to lead a life in high gloss and to change the imperfect physical reality.

The piece is supported by the compositions of New York cellist Julia Kent, who creates a sensual cosmos out of the rough sound of her electronically amplified cello mixed with everyday sounds.

"NAKEDis an unashamedly beautiful piece, it is not [..] cheesy, but rather elegant in its formal unity", the Frankfurter Rundschau wrote on the occasion of the premiere on April 29, 2016 at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. "NAKED" returns to the stage in a reworking for the Mainfranken Theater.