Pension Schöller

The Schöller Boardinghouse

by Wilhelm Jacoby and Carl Laufs
Premiere postponed
in German
Stage and Costume Design:
Dramaturgy: Almut Fischer
Anton Koelbl (von Mühlen, Major Ret.)
Johanna Meinhard (Franziska Schöller, Schöller's daughter, waitress)
Martina Dähne (Josephine Zillertal, writer)
Alexander Darkow (Professor Bernhardy, globetrotting scientist)
Hannes Berg (Alfred Klapproth, Klapproth's nephew)
Julia Baukus (Ida Klapproth, Klapproth's sister)
Toomas Täht (Philipp Klapproth, landowner from Kyritz)
Thomas Klenk (Schöller, owner of the Schöller Boardinghouse)
Martin Liema (Eugen, prospective actor and Schöller's ward)
Landowner Philipp Klapproth wants to join in on an extravagant soiree in a real mental hospital and travels to Berlin to use his nephew Alfred for his project. In return, he promises to finance Alfred’s dream of his own artists' café. The young Klapproth would like to help, but has no contacts in the desired milieu and has to come up with something. He suggests to his Uncle that he will lead him to the Schöller Boardinghouse, with its motley group of unhinged guests, which he unceremoniously declares to be a lunatic asylum. Once there, Philipp Klapproth recognizes the madness everywhere: in a big game hunter, a writer, a major and the nephew of the pension director, who wants to be an actor despite his minor speech impediment. He invents stories about his life in order to keep up. Everyone is so impressed that they soon visit Klapproth at home, and drive him to madness. A colourful confusion takes its course.

This comedy by Wilhelm Jacoby and Carl Laufs, first performed in Berlin in 1890, tells the story of the power of the imagination. The viewer is humorously confronted with the question of how crazy each individual actually is. Before the spectacle leaves the Große Haus due to construction, the boulevard comedy once again promises sophisticated acting and entertainment at the highest level.